graham brace
Welsh landscape painter and seascape
artist and illustrator living and working
in the heart of the Pembrokeshire
Coast National Park



Virtually all my art is rendered in a mixture of media but with a predominance of coloured pencil.

I work on high white Daler-Rowney Studland Mount Board because it is smooth (for rendering high detail) yet with sufficient 'tooth' to take soft pastel and art pencil well (as well as watercolour, ink and marker). It is resilient and will stand a significant amount of layering, blending and erasing without the surface of the board deteriorating.

Generally, I start with laying down large areas of foundation colour in soft pastels (including pastel pencils), which I blend and rub into the surface using my fingers or soft tissue. I tidy up the edges with a rubber or battery-operated eraser and then I spray with fixative. I tend to render my skies in soft pastel - once again blending and shaping with my finger tips and lifting out clouds with a rubber/eraser/tissue. Once this 'underpainting' is complete I then work in the detail and subtle tones over the areas of pastel using coloured pencils. I will use a mixture of art types and brands (it really is 'horses for courses') depending on the mark and effect required for the art work (but mainly Faber Castell Albrecht Durer, Derwent Watercolour and Derwent Coloursoft). I add highlights and further detail using gouache with a fine sable brush. Occasionally, I will use marker pens, inks and watercolours in order to achieve a particular effect.

A combination of my own photographs, memories, notes and sketches provide the reference for my art in wales and a little occasional artisitic licence and improvisation helps complete the finished painting back in my studio.

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art gallery
Mike's Longliner
welsh art
Clapper Bridge,
Ogwen Valley
Autumn Morning,
Edward's Pill
art gallery
Pebble And Rock Study 1
art gallery
Pebble And Rock Study 2
Remnants Of Autumn
art gallery
Mullock Farm
welsh art
River Neath at Resolven
artists in wales
Castle Pill,
Milford Haven
graham brace
Big Sky over the
Cunnigar Field
Ashdale Lane
Bright December Day,
Port Lion
Foxy Frosty Morning
graham brace
Winter Vista, Newton
sea scape artists
Outward Bound
from Milford
paintings of the sea
Patrick's Dinghy
coloured pencil artist
Preseli Hillside with
pencil artists
The Paddock,
Sandy Haven
welsh landscape painters
Cold Snap,
welsh landscapes
Tudor's Pool
pembrokeshire artist
Life on a
Church Wall
Swan Study
pembrokeshire artists
Three Swans in
Evening's Rosy Glow
welsh landscape painters
Dancing Trees
graham brace
Breaking Wave
graham brace
Hanging Stone
graham brace
paintings of the sea
Deadman's Bay,
Marloes Peninsula
graham brace
Haroldston Church
graham brace
Wooltack Point,
Marloes Peninsula
graham brace
The Rhosygilwen Flock

Please note that these paintings were either commissioned or are already sold and are included to demonstrate the scope of my work.


Graham Brace - Pembrokeshire, Wales

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